Privacy at its highest

Solun is a service that allows you to share files, text, and send emails with end-to-end encryption, without storing any user-related data on our servers. Become anonymous and protect your privacy today.


Encrypted Messages

Send encrypted messages to your friends via a secure link. Messages are automatically deleted after they are viewed.

Encrypted Upload

Share files securely with adjustable online duration. Simply upload your files, define how long they should be available, and send the secure link to your recipient.

Private Mail

Get your own secure mailbox for confidential conversations. Enjoy the convenience of encrypted emails and keep your communication private.

Why Solun?

End-to-End Encryption

All data is encrypted end-to-end, ensuring that only the intended recipient can access it.

Zero-Knowledge Architecture

Our zero-knowledge architecture ensures that even we cannot access your data, offering you the ultimate privacy.

High Security Standards

Our platform maintains strict security standards to protect your data and privacy.

Complete Anonymity

We don't store any user-related data on our servers, ensuring your complete anonymity.

Ready to experience Solun?

Join us today and enjoy the benefits of a secure and private communication platform.