Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 16, 2023

At Solun, we are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and are committed to taking all necessary measures to ensure the security of your data.

1. Description of Service

Solun is a complimentary web-based service that enables users to create encrypted notes, upload encrypted files, and establish a free mailbox. Users can share encrypted messages and files over the internet through unique, one-time-use HTTPS URLs. These URLs automatically expire after their initial access or download via any web browser.

The distribution of the link is entirely the user's responsibility. Solun does not store any information about the sender or the recipient of the link. Depending on the communication platform used to share the link, there may be some risk of third-party interception.

2. Encryption of Notes and Files

The link is generated in Solun's backend. Depending on the user's selected options, this link may not be recoverable by Solun or anyone else without the link. With default settings, the Secret Key is stored in Solun's database, which is ideal for those who wish to quickly share an encrypted link.

We employ a Cryptographically Secure Pseudorandom Number Generator to create the secret key and the AES-256-CBC encryption algorithm to encrypt the note or file.

A note or file is deleted either after someone accesses the note, downloads the file, or when the expiration date is reached. Once a note or file has been deleted from Solun, it is impossible to recover it, even for Solun.

While the Solun team will do its utmost to safeguard your data, if someone or something gains access to our servers, they will not be able to decrypt any note or file if you have enabled the "End-to-End Encryption" option.

Your data will never be stored as plain text.

3. Mailbox Functionality

The mailbox is a free service provided by Solun that allows users to create a free mailbox with a custom domain name. We encrypt all emails sent to or from your mailbox using the same encryption algorithm applied to notes and files. The only difference is that your password is used as the secret key. We hash your password with multiple salt hashing algorithms, ensuring we never see your password.

You can also use your PGP key with the Solun mailbox, enabling you to send and receive highly secure emails. In this case, Solun will not have access to your emails.

4. IP Address Processing

Solun does not log any IP addresses. While they are processed to facilitate communication with the Solun servers, they are not included in the log files. IP addresses are not stored in the database, nor are they used for any purpose other than facilitating communication with the Solun servers.

5. Cookies

We do not utilize cookies on our website. However, on our webmail client, we use cookies to store your session and preferences, strictly without any tracking.

6. Disclaimer

Solun is not liable for any data loss or other damages resulting from the use of our service. We do not assume responsibility for the content of notes, files, or emails sent or received through the Solun service.

7. Disclosure of data to third parties

Solun does not disclose any data to third parties.

8. Changes to the privacy policy

Solun reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any given time.

9. Contact

Should you have any inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please reach us at: [email protected]

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