How we protect your files

Secure File Storage

At Solun, we employ advanced cryptographic algorithms to ensure your files are stored securely. Here's a simplified glimpse into our process, designed for everyone to understand:


When your files are stored, they're encrypted using an advanced technique known as 'aes-256-cbc'. This method utilizes a unique 'key' to convert your data into an unreadable format. We generate this key using a secure process and a random set of data, called an 'Initialization Vector (IV)', to ensure each encryption is unique.


Once encrypted, your files are safely stored on government-certified Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs). These drives are built to automatically encrypt all stored data, further enhancing security.


When you need to access your stored files, we use the original 'key' and 'IV' to decrypt them. This process transforms the encrypted data back into its original, readable format.

Our contribution to prevent sharing child abuse online:

We want to assure you that we are unable to view your uploaded data, ensuring your privacy is maintained. However, we are committed to combating child abuse. To achieve this, we generate a hash from your uploaded images and videos and compare it to the database of the Internet Watch Foundation ( This method allows us to contribute to the fight against child abuse, without compromising your data privacy.

Secure Deletion:

After a certain period, or when the data is no longer needed, we securely delete it from our drives. This deletion process is thorough and irreversible, ensuring old data can't be recovered.

Whether you're sharing encrypted notes or uploading sensitive files, you can be confident that Solun provides robust security at every step. By combining cutting-edge encryption methods with secure storage and deletion practices, Solun offers a comprehensive solution for your data privacy needs.

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