How we handle new features


At Solun, our core mission is to provide you with a platform that prioritizes your security without compromising functionality. As part of our commitment to continual growth and improvement, we believe in adopting a forward-thinking approach. This means not only embracing innovation but also fostering a culture of transparency and inclusivity with our user community.

Sometimes, this pioneering spirit leads us to share features that are in the throes of development. This early-release approach allows us to gather valuable feedback and create a more collaborative process that ensures we're developing features that truly meet your needs.

To streamline this process, we classify these under-development features into two categories:

  • Production Beta: Production Beta refers to those features that are in the final stages of development. While they are not yet fully refined, these features are already integrated into the Solun platform and available to all users. Adhering to Solun's rigorous security protocols, these features can be used without any security concerns. However, as these are not the final versions, they may occasionally experience non-security-related issues such as bugs or usability hiccups. Your understanding and feedback are incredibly valuable during this phase as it helps us to refine and perfect these features.

  • Public Beta: This category is for features that are still under active development but have reached a stage of maturity that allows for user testing. To engage with these cutting-edge features, you need to register and activate the Public Beta option within your settings. Participating in the Public Beta program gives you the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation, helping to shape Solun's offerings through your feedback and insights.

Features that do not carry any of these markings are fully developed and have undergone thorough testing and refinements. They are stable, secure, and can be used with complete confidence.

It's important to remember that any feature, regardless of its stage, is developed with the utmost attention to security and usability. Our commitment to your safety and satisfaction is unwavering, regardless of whether a feature is a Production Beta, Public Beta, or a fully released tool.

Whether marked or unmarked, each feature represents a step forward in our ongoing journey to provide an outstanding user experience. Your participation and feedback are crucial components in this process. So we invite you to engage, explore, and share your experiences. Every bit of feedback helps us in creating a more robust, secure, and user-centric platform.

Thank you for being a part of the Solun community and contributing to our shared goal of creating a safe, secure, and user-friendly digital environment.

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