How we encrypt your message

Secure Messaging

Solun’s secure messaging service ensures your communications are private and secure. Here's a straightforward look at how we handle your messages:


When you send a message, we employ the 'aes-256-cbc' encryption technique to protect your data. This method uses a unique 'key' to transform your message into an unreadable format. This key is generated through a secure process, and we also use a random 'Initialization Vector (IV)' to ensure each message's encryption is distinct.


After encrypting, your message is securely transmitted over the internet. Even if intercepted, your message remains unreadable due to the strong encryption.


When your message is received, we use the original 'key' and 'IV' to decrypt it. This process converts the encrypted data back into its original, readable form.

Secure Deletion:

Messages in Solun are not stored indefinitely. After a message has been seen, we securely delete it. This process is thorough and irreversible, ensuring that old messages cannot be recovered.

Whether you're sharing sensitive information or having a casual conversation, Solun's advanced encryption and secure deletion methods ensure your privacy. We believe that secure communication is a cornerstone of digital safety, and Solun is committed to providing you with a messaging service that respects and protects your privacy.

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